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Bringing Exploration to you

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About Us

'Bringing Exploration to You' 

Museum on Wheels is a Bristol based education and public speaking organisation, who brings the world of exploration to your very doorstep.   Whether your aged 4 - 99 we have products and presentations for all ages.

We realise that during the current global pandemic, it can be a bit difficult to get out and about in the ways people used to. So we are pleased that we are able to offer the opportunity for such unique learning experiences.

School Days
Cave Explorer
Archaeological Dig


The only way for exploration to have a future, is by educating  future generations. We bring hands on workshops and lessons into your very own classroom. 

Public Speaking

Whether you need a motivational speaker for a charity event, university course or a careers fair, we have speakers for all occasions. 


Sometimes experiencing exploration in its natural surroundings is much more appealing.  We can arrange a variety of trips, including going caving, visiting archaeological digs or even a trip to try sword fighting. 



Bringing Exploration to you


Museum on Wheels is an exciting and unique experience for pupils, without the added worries of Covid-19, costs of a fieldtrip or required permission slips.

We bring original and replica artefacts from all over the globe, right into your very own classroom. Allowing your pupils to get up close and personal with usually rare forbidden objects. A never forgettable experience for children of all ages!

Please get in touch to discuss.

Girl in Class

Key stage 1 & 2

Everything is exciting and the whole world is open to discovery. These sessions are centered around developing children's imagination and have a key focus on literacy and numeracy skills. 

We recommend arranging a half day or full day event. Time to be spilt between year groups and classes as you see fit. 

In the Classroom

Key stage 3

The world is still exciting and its a chance for pupils to begin to study individual subjects in depth. 

These sessions are focused more on general topics in exploration, geography and archaeology. 

These sessions are run best on experience days or even taking over an individual teachers classes for a day. 

Conversation in the Hallway

Key Stage 4 & 5

Whether its GCSE or A Levels, we can help young explorers find their feet.  For older years we suggest a more academic approach,  related directly to their studies.

We have a  vast collection of fossils, minerals and shells relevant to Geography, Geology and Earth Sciences, which fascinate and engage pupils. 

Career  talks are also a favourite with this age group and can easily be arranged either virtually or in person. 

Conference Crowd

Public Speaking

Bringing Exploration to you

​Motivating and enlightening others about the world of exploration is what we do best! 

Whether you are looking for a speaker who has a story of perseverance or perhaps tales of filming in the jungles of Central America. We have the speakers for you. 

We have recently launched a monthly online virtual lecture series, with speakers from across the world of exploration. Visit Eventbrite for upcoming events. 



Bringing Exploration to you


Sometimes experiencing exploration in its natural surroundings is much more appealing.  We can arrange a variety of events, including going caving, visiting archaeological digs and even getting hands on with artefacts at a historical fair. 

Due to COVID - 19 all in person events have been postponed until further notice. 

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